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Sunday 15th October 2017 11.00 – 15.00

The London Wedding Show will save countless hours from traveling in search of the perfect vendors for the most important day in your life! You and your bridal party will see the best-of-the-best in wedding products and services and discover all that is new and different this season for weddings in just one day.

To make the most of your visit, we suggest several tips: What Should I Wear? The London Wedding Show is being held in the stunning Holiday Inn – London Bloomsbury.

Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking a lot as you visit all of the Wedding Professionals who will be showcasing the best and latest in wedding planning products and services.

What Should I Bring to The Show? Bring a pen! Nearly every company will ask for your name or invite you to enter their drawings for special gifts and prizes. And don’t forget your date book and checkbook. You may find one or more vendors that you would like to schedule a personalised consultation following the show. Many exhibitors offer on the spot “Discounts and Show Specials” which may require a small deposit.

How Much Time Should I Spend at The London Wedding Show? You will want to allocate between 2 and 4 hours of your time, so that you visit with as many wedding exhibitors as possible. Remember, it could take you two months to see the same number of vendors if you drove to each of their locations.

Please arrive early to avoid waiting in line and to obtain seating for our bridal runway fashion show. Seating is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis.

Who Should I Bring With Me to The Show? You will probably want to invite your entire bridal party including the groom to the event. They can help you cover twice as much ground and help share in the planning process by offering their opinions and thoughts about the potential choices of wedding merchants

Are Children Allowed to the Show? While the Show is designed for adults, we do allow children to attend.

Can I Take Photos or Video of the Show? Photography and video is permitted for personal use only and may not be reproduced without the written consent of The London Wedding Show.


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